Author of "Crazy Tales and Other Stories"
[A compilation of Tall Tales and Humorous Speeches/Stories]
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Three Time Winner of Toastmasters International District 25's Tall Tale Contest (1996, 1997, 1998)

Winner of Toastmasters International District 25's 2009 Humorous Speech Contest

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Welcome to Watkins Speaks, the home page for David Watkins, Distinguished Toastmaster, Speaker, and Writer. While I am still active in Toastmasters, giving speeches when and where I can, my focus has changed to writing.

Back in 2010 I published Crazy Tales and Other Stories, which contains a selection of my original Tall Tales and Humorous Speeches developed over my many years in Toastmasters. I am also working in other genres, mostly SFF (science fiction and fantasy, plus at least one horror short story). I have submitted four short stories for the fiction and science fiction competitions for Writer's Digest. I have also been working on novels and short stories for the world of Star Gate SG-1. So far I have enough material for three novels (one is currently undergoing editing) and probably two anthologies.

I am also trying my hand at, believe it or not, romance writing (yeah, I know, I'm probably the most unqualified guy to do that). Deli Witch, a fantasy romance, is currently in search of literary agents. To learn more about it and my other writing endeavours go to Writings.

David Watkins
Distinguished Toastmaster, #6110

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