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A graduate of Texas Tech University ("Go Red Raiders, Get your Guns Up!!"), I have degrees in Chemical Engineering and Management of Information Systems.  I have been involved with computer technology since 1985. I've gone from using punched cards in a Freshman Fortran class to the first DEC Rainbow and IBM AT personal computers to mainframes to Unix servers.

I joined Toastmasters International in 1988 (Fighting Falcon Toastmasters, Club 774). I achieved the highest level of distinction in Toastmasters, the Distinguished Toastmaster, in 1996. You can see what the requirements for DTM were by referring to the bottom of this page. I have given well over 200 speeches in my Toastmaster career, from small groups to groups of over 100. I have served as an Area Governor, a Division Governor twice (elected once and appointed once) and have co-chaired and chaired two district conferences (Fall 1997 and Spring 2001). I won't bother to bore you with all of the other things I've done (unless you want me to).

I have been a contestant in the various speech contests that Toastmasters sponsors. I won the District 25 Tall Tales contest 3 years in a row (1996, 1997, 1998). I won the District 25 Humorous Speech contest in 2009. I have also competed at the District level in the International Speech, Table Topics, and Evaluation Contests.

Membership in Toastmasters has not only improved my communication skills but it has also help me become a better leader. I've found that I gain as much by helping others achieve their goals as I do by speaking in front of others. This is one of the reasons why I am still involved. This is why I have been involved in the chartering of three Toastmaster clubs (Radio Shack, Southlake, and Keller). I was also involved with the TEDx Fort Worth Youth program (helping to set up the course training as well as provided some mentoring to the participants in 2015).

I published a book through Outskirts Press called "Crazy Tales and Other Stories". It is a compilation of tall tales and humorous speeches that I have presented (plus a few that I haven't yet). The book also has helpful hints on creating a tall tale, on how to create a generic speech, and how to ensure an effective delivery. I am also working to publish other works, primarily in the "Science Fiction/Flashing Sword and Fantasy" genre.

I have conducted facilitated sessions while working as a business analyst and data architect. I have also conducted a number of training sessions for Toastmasters and as part of past jobs, traveling to far off, exotic locations like Arlington Heights, Illinois and Chandler, Arizona, and have conducted webinar training sessions for people in Israel and India. I also created and recorded several computer-based training courses that have been used by groups in the US, Israel, India, and other locations around the world.

I have other interests besides just speaking. I have been a woodworker (very proud of my red oak/black laminate computer desk). I do long distance bicycling (have ridden in the Wichita Falls, Texas, Hotter N' Hell Hundred Mile ride 6 times). I also juggle in my spare time (I even juggled at a Renaissance wedding for a co-worker's daughter).

Before Toastmasters After Toastmasters
(hair doesn't stand on end anymore and it is whiter)

Requirements to achieve DTM (in effect in 1996):

[Total of 72 speeches]

Achieve Competent Toastmaster
    10 speeches
Achieve Able Toastmaster
    Achieve Competent Toastmaster
    15 speeches, three different advanced manuals
    Two years continuous membership
    Complete 6 month term as club officer
    At least three speaking engagements to non-Toastmaster groups
Achieve Able Toastmaster Bronze
    Achieve Able Toastmaster
    15 speeches, three different advanced manuals (not ones used for Able Toastmaster)
    2 Success/Leadership Modules within 2 years of application date
    At least five speaking engagements to non-Toastmaster groups
Achieve Able Toastmaster Silver
    Achieve Able Toastmaster Bronze
    15 speeches, three different advanced manuals (not ones used for Able Toastmaster Bronze)
    Conduct training seminar for a company or public or conduct Toastmasters Training Session (30 minute minimum)
    Deliver a major platform address to a non-Toastmaster group of 50 or more
    Judge two Toastmaster speech contests above club level
Achieve Distinguished Toastmaster
    Four years continuous membership
    Coordinate one registered Youth Leadership
    Coordinate one registered Speechcraft
    At least five speaking engagements to non-Toastmaster groups
    Complete full year term as District officer
    Act as club sponsor or mentor for a new club or club specialist for a struggling club

Updated: July 13, 2016