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The presentations listed below represent what I have presented to various audiences.  They cover motivational and humorous topics.  They are available to be given on short notice.

I am always looking to add topics and speeches to my "repertoire".  Let me know if your group has a specific topic in mind.  If your topic matches my knowledge I can create a professional-quality presentation for you.  Of course I will need sufficient lead time to prepare a new presentation.

Motivational and Inspirational

"Ripples of Life "

We often go through our lives unaware of how we affect those around us.  Our actions create ripples which spread out around us, affecting our family, friends, and even strangers.  Listen as David uses personal stories to illustrate how our "ripples of life" can have a positive, maybe even profound, affect on those around us.

  [10 - 12 minutes]
"The Three Rs "

Do you remember the Three Rs - reading, writing, and 'rithmetic? They might have served us well in gone by days. However, the world has changed. We need more than those old three Rs to make it in the world today. Listen as David describes a new set of three Rs.

  [5 - 7 minutes]

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Humorous Speeches and Tall Tales

"My Summer Vacation" (also known as "that story about the Amazon Women")

Test flying an advanced fighter over the mountainous jungles of South America, I heard a loud "boom" and my aircraft began to shake, rattle, and roll ... (Toastmasters Internationalâ„¢ District 25 Tall Tale Winner, 1996)

  [5 - 6 minutes]
"My Summer Vacation, Part 2", or "The Great Panhandle (of Texas) Flood"
  "Thunder rolled across the Panhandle, the Heavens unleashed their torrents.  It was a typical spring shower in the Panhandle when Laddie (no, not Lassie - copyright issues you know) came running up to me, barking.  What is it girl, did Tommy fall down the well again?..." (Toastmasters Internationalâ„¢ District 25 Tall Tale Winner, 1997)


[5 - 6 minutes]

"Wooly Mammoth Theory", or "Why Men don't Shop, or Ask for Directions, or ..."


Why are men and women so different?  Forget that "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" stuff.  All of our differences are a result of our ancestors (no, not our parents, though they are pretty much to blame for everything bad that has ever happened to me).  See why Wooly Mammoths are responsible for the non-physical differences between men and women (and why men don't like to shop or ask for directions).


[9 - 12 minutes]

"The Skyhook and the Cheerleaders"
  Learn what a skyhook is (yes, they are real in the Texas Panhandle) and how our hero uses them to save the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

[5 - 6 minutes]

"David and the Termites"
  Learn how David used a uniquely Texas solution to eliminate termites at his brother's Louisiana home.
  [6 - 8 minutes]

"The Tall Tale"


What is a tall tale (think of Paul Bunyon, Pecos Bill, Slappy Hooper (Slappy Hooper?  Yes, the world's greatest painter)?  What are the elements of a tall tale?  What's the difference between a humorous speech and a tall tale?  Presented at District 25 2007 Spring Conference and several Toastmaster Leadership Institutes (officer and member training).

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Updated: April 1, 2018