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What do you do when strange ideas pop into your head? If you are me you either make a speech out of them (for Toastmasters) or you write them down and see if you can create a novel, book, or short story out of them.

Welcome to the writings and musings page of David Watkins. Here you will see story ideas and "copyrighted" excerpts from various things I have done.

I am a huge science fiction fan. I think it began with the original Star Trek. I still remember rushing home from Little League practice to watch "The Devil in the Dark". I bought a lot of SF books via the SF Book Club and saw the first Star Wars movie, though only once. I admit that I'm more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars, though enduring some of the later Star Trek plots on TV and the movie screen was painful. I got hooked on the Star Gate SG-1 TV show and bought all of the DVDs. This is probably why I have developed so many "stories" involving that series (having Amanda Tapping as Major Carter didn't hurt).

I also like fantasy, both the magic kind and the flashing sword kind. Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard was my first taste of it. I also read Robert Lynn Aspirin and his Myth Adventures series. Of course, there is Rowling's H. Potter and Pratchett's Disc World adventures. So many choices, so little money.

For reasons I still cannot fully explain I have also written a romance novel (yes, my friends snicker when I tell them that). It started when I caught part of the Jimmie Stewart/Kim Novak movie called Bell, Book, and Candle. The plot states that if a witch falls in love with a mortal she loses her powers. I thought that was kind of harsh. I saw it again a few nights later. That got me thinking about all sorts of things and one morning, as I was running errands, I came up with the plot of "Deli Witch". The summary can be found below.

I have decided to try my hand at writing, maybe a little late in life, but what the heck. On this page you will catch a glimpse of what I have done. Who knows, maybe you will see some of them on a bookshelf near you

Deli Witch Star Gate Files - Great Escape
This story, set in and around modern day San Francisco, mixes the classic “Romeo and Juliet” with another classic, “Bell, Book, and Candle”, and throws a little Harry Potter in for good measure.

Spencer wants more out of life than being a simple software engineer. When he 'happens' upon an obviously upset young woman named Cassandra, his simple act of compassion will cause him to experience a world unlike any he could ever imagine. Cassandra, who happens to be a wizard, is torn between two worlds – the magical one to which she desperately wishes to belong and the mortal one in which she has been forced to live. For this young woman has a not so minor problem – she cannot cast spells worth a darn.

Her burgeoning relationship with Spencer causes another problem. Falling in love with a mortal will cause her to lose what few powers she may have and be cast out of the wizarding world. What magical tricks will her family and friends employ to keep them apart? What extreme measures will others in the wizarding world use to prevent a mortal from polluting wizard blood? Find out in Deli Witch (Chapter One).
The known civilization of "P9010x" lives in a giant metal city, covering an area roughly the size of the Northeastern United States. A past cataclysmic event caused civilization to collapse, resulting in a large part of the city being abandoned and the remaining inhabitants coalescing around new city-states.

Colonel O'Neill and the Star Gate teams are somehow included in peace negotiation between these hostile city-states. After negotiations break down, O'Neill orders his team to return to the Star Gate. Before they reach the gate a hostile city-state attacks the SG team guarding the gate, destroying their ability to return to Earth.

O'Neill and his team find themselves trapped on an alien world, surrounded by unfriendly and downright hostile governments. Rumors of a second star gate reach the team. Unable to use their gate and with no help on the way they have no choice but to try for the other gate.

Pursued by a relentless enemy across the city and down into its depths, O'Neill and his team work their way across a rundown and rusting city, almost falling apart as they watch. Follow their struggles in Star Gate Files: Escape (Chapter 1 )

American Jedi [short] Secret Agent Man
Remember the movie "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise? Remember the strange plot device that apparently caused the aliens to be transported to the machines buried under the surface hundreds of years prior? Yeah, makes about as much sense as it taking 7 years for the castaways to get off Gilligan's island.

Well, what if instead of the bystanders just waiting to be vaporized, someone were to run down the street warning them to run. And when the alien machine rises from the earth, instead of being slaughtered with the rest, that someone were to lead an attack against the machine.

This story was submitted to the 2016 Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition. Read it here at American Jedi.
In the not too distant future, political divisions within the United States reach a breaking point. After a short but violent struggle the country splits, with several states in the South, including Texas, creating their own country. As a result, the rest of the United States joined with Canada and Europe to create a new political entity called the Federation.

After an uneasy peace develops between the Republic of Texas and the Federation, a scientist defects from the Federation, taking a secret fuel process with him.

A special agent is inserted into the Texas Panhandle to find the traitor, to see what he is up to in his underground facility, and to kill him if necessary to stop whatever plans he may have.

Will he be successful? What will he learn about the scientist's plans. Find out in Secret Agent Man (submitted to the 2016 Writer's Digest Annual Writing Contest).

Amazon Adventure Toast Generation
Imagine having to eject from your advanced jet fighter over the Amazon jungle. Then imagine being captured by a lost tribe of Amazonian warriors (yes, female Amazonian warriors). Well imagine no more. Read about what happens when the very same things happen to me in Amazon Adventure.

This story appears in my "Crazy Tales and Other Stories". A shorter version of this story was used to win the District 25 Toastmasters Tall Tale Contest in the mid-90s.

We all know how much of a push alternative energy sources are receiving. However, for all of the hype there are still major problems with existing forms of alternative energy, whether they are wind turbines, solar panels, or geothermal. I am happy to say that I have discovered a new and revolutionary form of alternative energy that may act as a simple replacement not only for fossil-based fuels but their alternative energy alternates. Learn of my important discovery in Toast Generation.

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Updated:  July 5, 2016